WordPress Training

wordpress is an easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS) with powerful interface that enables even non-technical persons to manage websites. Armed with vast experience and wide expertise, we offer job-oriented training in design and development of websites for small, medium-level and large organizations.

We give students an opportunity to learn first-hand the challenges involved in designing websites professionally. We prepare you to utilize the potential of wordpress to full extent to develop a wide range of real-time website and provide hands-on experience in:

Corporate Websites/ Organization Websites

Online media such as magazines, newspapers, and publications

eCommerce and online transactions/registrations

Government organizations / applications

Small & Medium-business websites

NGO & other non-profit organizations websites

Community-based portals

School and religious websites

Personal Websites (showcasing professional expertise)

Organizational intranets and extranets


Introduction to WordPress

* What is WordPress

* The Dashboard

* Admin Bar

* Exploring Settings

* Posts vs. Pages

* Creating Posts

* Adding Links

* Adding Images

* Formatting Posts

* Scheduling Posts

* Categories and Tags



* Creating a Page

* Page Templates

* Child Pages

* What is a Plugin

* Finding Plugins

* Free Themes

* Premium Themes

* Child Themes

* Custom Menus

* Custom Plugins

* Custom Themes

* Managing Comments

* Creating Users



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