Joomla Training

I help  students learn first-hand the challenges involved in designing websites professionally. I can help you  utilize the potential of Joomla to full extent to develop a wide range of real-time website and provide hands-on experience in:

Corporate Websites/ Organization Websites

Online media such as magazines, newspapers, and publications

eCommerce and online transactions/registrations

Government organizations / applications

Small & Medium-business websites

NGO & other non-profit organizations websites

Community-based portals

School and religious websites

Personal Websites (showcasing professional expertise)

Organizational intranets and extranets

With the help of our wide network in IT industry, we provide placement opportunities to our students; the suitable candidates are offered jobs in the IT companies in Hyderabad which gives their career a great kick-start.

Introduction to CMS
Structure of CMS
Introduction to Joomla
Advantages of using Joomla
Features of Joomla CMS
Joomla Versions (1.5 and 2.5)Joomla Installation
Installation of XAMPP
Joomla Installation Requirements
Installing Joomla on Local System
Installing Joomla on Windows
Installing Joomla in Linux
Commons Errors in InstallationJoomla Terminology
Joomla Frontend and Backend
Menus, Articles, Sections, Categories
Extensions in Joomla (Frontend & Backend)
Modules, Components & Plug-inJoomla Admin Settings
Global Configuration Settings
System Settings / Site Settings / Server Settings
User Management in Joomla (1.5)
User Management in Joomla (2.5)
Permission Levels in 2.5
Managing Media with Media ManagerContent Management in Joomla

Section Manager (1.5)
Category Manager
Creating Articles in Joomla
Article Parameters in Joomla
Archive Manager
FrontPage Manager (1.5)
Featured Article (2.5)
Article Trash

Menu Management in Joomla
Creating Menu in Joomla
Menu types in Joomla
Menu Parameters
Menu Trash
Menu ModulesJoomla Modules
Install and Uninstall Modules
Module Manager
Default Joomla Modules
Additing new Modules
Useful Modules for Projects
Module Positions & Parameters
Workings with External ModulesComponents and Plugins
Using Components
Banners, Contact, News Feed
Polls, Search and Web Links
Plug-in Manager
VIDEOS Extension
Security and Backup Extensions
Premium Extensions in JoomlaJoomla Template Design
Introduction to Joomla Templates
Template Manager
Installing Joomla Templates
Customizing Joomla Template
User positions in Joomla
Custom Joomla Template
Adding Styles to Joomla TemplateJoomla SEO Settings
Implementing Basic SEO Settings
SEO Extensions in Joomla

Contact Us:

Location : Hyderabad

Name     : Mahesh

Email     :

Mobile   : 9603813050

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