You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to usenear ‘TYPE=MyISAM CHARACTER SET `utf8`’ at line 29 SQL=CREATE TABLE`jos_banner` ( `bid` int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment, `cid` int(11)NOT NULL default ‘0’, `type` varchar(30) NOT NULL default ‘banner’,`name` varchar(255) NOT NULL default ”, `alias` varchar(255) NOT NULLdefault ”, `imptotal` int(11) NOT NULL default ‘0’, `impmade` int(11)NOT NULL default ‘0’, `clicks` int(11) NOT NULL default ‘0’,`imageurl` varchar(100) NOT NULL default ”, `clickurl` varchar(200)

Reason is the latest version of MySQL no longer supports TYPE=MyISAM.

Workaround / Solution:

  1. modify the following sql files:
    • /installation/sql/mysql/joomla.sql
    • /installation/sql/mysql/sample_data.sql

      in the “installation” folder and replace all occurrences of TYPE=MyISAM to ENGINE=MyISAM. Be careful with the Find and Replace, make sure to match the exact case and the exact whole word/term to avoid other references to variables with “type”

  2. Restart Joomla installation, with cleared browser cache, and proceed with the installation.
  3. For joomla 1.5, use mysql 5.1
    For joomla 1.6, use mysql 5.5
  4. If using WAMP Server, add other mysql versions as needed (this is easily found from the wamp icon in the system tray).

In new MySQL version, mysql doesn’t support TYPE, instead ENGINE is used as replacement type. The keyword ‘TYPE’ was introduced as deprecated since ENGINE was added in MySQL 4.0.18. It is mentioned in the CREATE TABLE structure manaul page ( that the TYPE keyword will be removed in future MySQL versions.