The Inflector Helper file contains functions that permits you to change words to plural, singular, camel case, etc.

Loading this Helper

This helper is loaded using the following code:

$this->load->helper('inflector');The following functions are available:


Changes a plural word to singular. Example:

$word = "dogs";
echo singular($word); // Returns "dog"


Changes a singular word to plural. Example:

$word = "dog";
echo plural($word); // Returns "dogs"
To force a word to end with “es” use a second “true” argument.

$word = "pass";
echo plural($word, TRUE); // Returns "passes"


Changes a string of words separated by spaces or underscores to camel case. Example:

$word = "my_dog_spot";
echo camelize($word); // Returns "myDogSpot"


Takes multiple words separated by spaces and underscores them. Example:

$word = "my dog spot";
echo underscore($word); // Returns "my_dog_spot"


Takes multiple words separated by underscores and adds spaces between them. Each word is capitalized. Example:

$word = "my_dog_spot";
echo humanize($word); // Returns "My Dog Spot"